My Art Gallery

About My Art Gallery

Is your refrigerator door and/or kid’s playroom exploding with artwork?  We get it…kid’s produce a lot of art…and all the excess often ends up in piles on the dining room table, bulging from the file cabinet, or even crumpled on the floor of the car?  We also know…it’s impossible to recycle or throw any of it away.  This is precisely why we created My Art Gallery®.  It’s about time that kids (and parents) have a place to display, organize, and store all their creative efforts.  Some of the best features of My Art Gallery® are:

  • The system simply hangs on any magnetized refrigerator or mounts to any flat (wall) surface
  • New artwork easily slide in front of the last piece in the frames…each hold and store up to thirty-five (8.5” x 11”) works of art apiece
  • Frames may be hung in any order (vertically or horizontally) to accommodate the orientation of the artwork
  • When frames become full…the collection of art may be removed and placed in the provided Keepsake Box for long-term storage
  • My Art Gallery® may be personalized with a photo of the young artist at the top of the colorful and fun header plate

Why is My Art Gallery® unique?

  • It transforms children’s art displays from “mighty messy” to “magnificent museum” in minutes
  • Any child’s room may be enhanced through the endless creative display combinations
  • Artwork is protected from spills, dirt, dust, …and sticky fingers

The My Art Gallery® has been independently tested and is certified safe for children three years and older.  This product complies with all applicable government safety regulations for a children’s product including ASTM F963.

Product Warning: Choking hazard, small parts, not for children under 3 years; Assembly by adult, wall screws contain sharp points