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Remember all those drawings you created as a kid? After a while, your Mom couldn’t find the handle of the fridge because it was covered with so much art, right?…and where did all that art end up anyhow? This is why I created the My Art Gallery©, a parent and kid-friendly way to display, organize, and store your young artist’s creations.

Since 2010, my wife and I have been working together to redefine refrigerators, playrooms, kids’ rooms, basically, anywhere you like to display your kid’s art. Our product won Best in Show from Brainchild Marketing at the Chicago International Home & Housewares Show as well as the silver medal in the specialty gifts category at the INPEX showcase in Pittsburgh. Here at Three-eyed Fly we like to be unique and creative. Our commitment is to bring you quality products that are fun and functional. Please join us on our “latest buzzz” blog to share your thoughts, ideas, and your children’s artwork. We look forward to hearing from you.

Chuck & Kristina

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